My Friend Kedar

…who I met a few months back told me he thought I should start a blog. I had been talking about my frustrations with not sharing my artwork and inspiration. I moved to Houston almost a year ago and I haven’t nurtured a lot of relationships besides my neighbors. It’s nice that the mail man pops his head in to see what I’m working on from time to time. What up OC!

My cousin introduced me to Kedar right before she moved away from Houston to work on the east coast. She thought we should meet each other because we both lived in Midtown Houston and were fairly new to the area. I make artwork and Kedar works for an oil company doing risk management and running numbers. That’s how he met my cousin. He has lived all over the world and speaks a few more languages than my one. He thinks I use more of my brain than he does because I’m doing creative work. HA! That’s right… just like LUCY! And I want to share all my gooey inspiration with anyone who happens to land on this blip of a cyber universe.